BioLite: Energy for All

BioLite is an outdoor gear company that conducts business with the strong belief that energy should be accessible to all. Through a wide range of products, BioLite provides its users with affordable solar power and thermo-electric cooking products that are made to transform a house into a home.

With this rebrand, I challenged myself to take BioLite beyond the realm of the technologically-focused language that many of its competitors utilize. Instead, I refocused their visual language and messaging to emphasize the brand’s devotion to their people while maintaining visual qualities that suggest a bright, energetic future.

Photography sourced from Unsplash & BioLite. This is a conceptual project.

Branding, Packaging Design, Digital Design

+ These icons were developed to organize the various products that BioLite offers, angles were incorporated that reference shapes remniscent of solar panels and the solar grid.